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Your Invitation to the Inaugural Patient Engagement Evenings  23-25 September 2020


Brought to you by Urology News Pinpoint-Scotland

Faculty & Topics:

·         Jay Khastgir - Online support for incontinence sufferers

·         Maj Shabbir - Communication strategies in the andrology field

·         Katy Gunn & Deborah Munro - Thinking local in patient support  delivery; the UCAN example

·         Asif Muneer - Erectile dysfunction communication

·         Catherine Murphy - Algorithms for decision-making in management of post-prostatectomy incontinence

·         Hashim Hashim - Mesh & the IMMDS review

·         Elaine Miller - Language and laughter in pelvic health

·         Wael Agur - Harnessing feedback - the Patient Decision Aid & the Cumberlege Report

We would like to invite you to the inaugural Patient Engagement lecture series from Urology News! This unique set of evening lectures, delivered by a range of the field’s leading experts, will explore the latest techniques, technologies and controversies in patient communications as they apply to the fields of urology and continence care.

Presenters include urologists, nurses and a pelvic health physio; we aim to provide a diverse spread of ideas, relevant to all members of the field. Registered attendees will number up to 250, drawn from among Urology News readers, with selected content (including industry presentations) being live-streamed for the wider online audience via our website and social media channels. The event will take place at the point when Urology Week and Urology Awareness month coincide – the period when online traffic around patient engagement topics is at its highest, ensuring we attract the maximum possible attention.

The event will be delivered through an online conference environment, providing sponsors with;


·         Virtual booths

·         Networking time with delegates, including face-to-face video chat

·         Presentation time on the ‘main stage’

·         A range of further, innovative online publicity options

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