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Dr. Hans Arabin developed different models of pessaries initially at his home for the treatment of his own patients with prolapse and incontinence and later to treat his patients at risk of preterm labour.

 962, Dr. Hans Arabin was the chair of a private hospital for gynecology and obstetrics in Siegen, where his wife Dr. Gretel Arabin worked as a pediatrician and anesthesiologist. He used “home-made” gynecological pessaries for prolapse and urinary incontinence as an alternative to surgery for older women, where previous operations had made further operations impossible or when anesthesia was too risky.


Due to the high mortality of preterm infants during this time he went on to design a cerclage pessary, to hold the cervix as high as possible and to keep it in a rotated stable position. Together with the engineer Lothar Berg and the nurse-practioner Gabriele Schneider he modified shapes and selected appropriate silicone and metal inlays compatible with mucosa tissue.


Today Dr Arabin pessaries are used worldwide and have become one of the leading manufacturers for pessaries.

The fitting kit

The Dr Arabin fitting kit is ideal for clinics to see which size suits the patient best.

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