IncoStress FAQs

How far into the vagina should IncoStress go?
As far as comfortably possible, there is no danger of the Incostress getting lost inside of you.

My IncoStress slips out is this normal?
There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. It may be because your pelvic muscles are not strong enough to retain the Incostress. Try using during the night to allow a passive pelvic floor movement and use our exercise program. It has been proven that women who couldn't retain IncoStress, in the beginning, showed a significant improvement after following the program and using during the night.
2. An underlying cause of Incostress slipping out could be due to a pelvic organ prolapse you may not be aware of. Please see your doctor or woman's health physiotherapist and take IncoStress and the information with you to discuss it.

Can I use IncoStress if I have an IUD (Intrauterine Device)?
Yes, you can. The undulating surface of Incostress does not interfere with the strings of the IUD.

Can I cut the retraction tail as it annoys me?
Customers have done who are confident with inserting your fingers into the vagina to remove it. Tip: If you do cut the tail then use lots of lubrication to remove.
We would suggest rather than cutting, fold the tail up alongside the Incostress to insert everything into the body.

Can it stay in place whilst using the toilet?
This depends on the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, initially, it is not advised though after regular use this may be possible.

Does IncoStress come in different sizes?
Not at present though if you feel that this would benefit you please contact us to register your interest. Currently, the IncoStress is 2.5mm wide and 5.5mm long from the top to the shank of the IncoStress which does not include the length of the removal stem.


What is it made from?
Incostress is made from hyper-allergenic body friendly medical grade silicone. IncoStress is made in our cleanrooms at the factory

How long does one last?
It is advisable that Incostress be replaced every 6 months

I have an intolerance to latex is it safe?
Yes, Incostress does not contain latex. We do not have any latex products what so ever in the factory or our warehouse facility.

Do I need to sterilize IncoStress?
Sterilization is possible though not necessary. The Vagina is a non-sterile area of the body and regular cleaning with clean water should keep the Incostress sufficiently clean.

Will I need to use a pad also?
No, though some women like to use pads for security when first using the Incostress.

Do I need to use a lubricant?
Only if you find the product difficult to insert or if you have vaginal atrophy. Some women find the Incostress easiest to insert whilst in the bath, however, if you do require extra lubrication be sure to use a water based product as oil-based lubricants may damage the silicone we recommend 'Yes' lubricant.

Can I use IncoStress during my monthly menstruation?
No, as the silicone is not absorbent. During this time we recommend the use of a menstrual tampon or sea sponge

Can I use IncoStress if I am pregnant?
Please speak to your doctor about this as some doctors do recommend it, however as clinical trials have not been undertaken with pregnant women we can not advise use if you are, or think you are, pregnant.

Can I wear IncoStress whilst sleeping?
Yes, this is perfectly safe and a good way of getting used to the Incostress.

Can I use IncoStress during sex?
No, as the Incostress sits inside the vagina.

Can I use it as a pelvic floor exerciser?
Yes, you can. Incostress can help you identify the correct muscles for you to carry out pelvic floor training. We always recommend you seek help from a woman's health physiotherapist first as they can teach you excellent techniques including how to breathe correctly which also has a significant effect on the pelvic floor. Your incostress comes with a full exercise program.

Contact us if you want to know where your nearest physiotherapist is. We do not have any financial gain or business with the physiotherapists nor can we personally recommend one over the other. We will simply give you a list of qualified physiotherapists in your area and it is up to you to make the contact.

Medical Conditions

Can I get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) using IncoStress?
This is highly unlikely; There have never been any link or reports with TSS with the use of silicone,
however, we recommend you remove the Incostress every 8 hours. Symptoms of TSS could include sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, fainting, or a rash rather like sunburn. If you experience any of these symptoms remove IncoStress and contact your doctor immediately.

I have a urine infection can I use IncoStress?
No, Incostress should not be used during any infection of the bladder, vagina or urethra.

I saw blood on the IncoStress on removal and I have passed the menopause, is this normal?
If you have passed the menopause, it is not uncommon for this to happen, this is due to the lack of hormones, which can cause thinning and dryness of the vaginal lining. If the problem persists contact your GP We recommend you look at for more information.

Is it available on prescription?
Not yet, however, some surgeries do have the budget to order one for you. Ask your doctor. We are an official NHS supplier of all other pessaries

If you have any further questions please contact us we'd love to hear from you.

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