IncoStress and C&G Medicare aren't strangers to the international media. They have won many awards throughout the years for both product innovation and outstanding service.




CEO and inventor of IncoStress, IncoLite and Bellecup Ms Gaynor Morgan has won many international awards for her outstanding work and achievement in raising the awareness about incontinence and prolapse issues, a taboo subject which is underestimated the scale of this epidemic.

Gaynor has and continues to help men and women find solutions for their incontinence issues. Through her network of medical professionals she is able to reach out and obtain valuable information as well as finding specialists within the area where people live. Information which is very difficult to find if you are not in this profession.

Part of her achievements has been bridging the gap between, doctor, patient and continence specialist. Many patients fail to seek medical help for fear of ‘wasting the doctor’s time’,  some who seek help from their GP find that it is not adequate for them and want an alternative other than ‘just living and coping with the condition’.

She believes that in this day and age, nobody should be left to suffer any condition surrounding incontinence or pelvic floor issues. There is ALWAYS a solution, its just finding which one is best for the individual.

The uro/gynaecologist surgical skills are a god send to many, but for others surgery is not an option. Continence nurses, physiotherapists and specialists in pelvic floor dysfunction are valuable members of our community and not enough praise is given to these amazing individuals who work so hard to ensure their patients are treated which gives results offering a better quality of life.


2019 Double platinum awarded winner for the work carried out helping women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence issues. at the Global Women's Inventors & Innovators Network 


2015 BIS (British Invention Show)  Gold medal for best consumer healthcare product

2015 Double gold British Inventor of the Year award for Bellecup a menstrual cup for women with pelvic organ prolapse - British Invention Show

2014 Gold Medal best consumer medical device world invention show (Geneva)

2014 GWIIN International Invention Show - Overall winner for Best training and capacity building award

2014 BIS - Gold award for best medical device at International Inventors Show

2014 GWIIN - Special recognition award for determination and tenacity

2011 Business Award – Best business ethics

2008 Welsh Woman of the Year – Science and Technology photo with

Lorrie A. MacGilvray Director & Chairman, reMODEL Consultants International, Ltd

2008 Welsh business woman of the year – Swansea bay technology

2008 BFIIN- British Female Innovator of the year

2008 BFIIN- Best Design of the year

2008 BFIIN- Special Achievement Award for British Female Innovator

2008 MediWales- Innovator of the Year for best medical device

2008 International Inventors Show Geneva- Gold award with judges accreditation for Best medical device

2007 British Inventors Show London- Gold medal for best consumer medical device

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